HIS, A unified healthcare management platform that operates at the center of healthcare institutions, healthacare providers and patients

Electronic Medical Record – E.M.R

Our Newest Release!

The Electronic Medical Record Solution is built on the pillars of Patient-Centered Care, Safety & Quality. It was developed by Healthcare Professionals to Healthcare Professionals. Its main purpose: enhance modern healthcare for both patients and practitioners.  It is a fully mobile platform that allows unprecedent access to patient records anytime anywhere. The Milera EMR is a medical platform that bridges the medical world with the institution’s administrative & billing cycle (HIS) in processes that are 100% automated.

The EMR is designed to centralize health records. From patient information, medical histories, charts, clinical documentation, prescriptions to medical specialties which include and are not limited to: Surgery, Endocrinology, Transfusion Records, Dietary Records, etc. No more tracking lost charts.

Conform to International standards (Snomed, CPT, Loinc, etc)

Fully Mobile

Online Access on-premises or off-premises

100% Integrated with Billing Cycle (HIS)

Facial Recognition & Fingerprint Login

High Security Standards to protect Patient Data

Modular Application

Very Easy & User-Friendly Interface

Profile by Groups/Users

Complete Tracking of user Activity

Computerized Order Entries (CPOE)

Integration with Drug Reference Databases

Order Sets

Task View & Tracking

Co-Signature Process

Live Update on Patient Information

Full Access to Patient Results

Complete Access to Patient Archiving

Full View of Patient Timeline

Isolation/Infection Process

Patient Web Portal

Automatic generation of Institution Forms)

Notes (All Markup, No Markup, Original)

Interactive Patient List

Management of Billing & Reimbursement

Smart Alert & Messaging System

Clinical Decision Support

Interactive view of Patient Clinical Path

Previous Encounters

Link with Medical Machines (ex. Vital Signs, Monitors, etc.)

Hospital Information System – H.I.S.

The H.I.S. is a fully integrated solution which allows Small, Medium and Large Hospitals to gain competitive advantage by streamlining most of your hospital’s business processes that are otherwise labor-intensive and costly.

The Hospital Information System (H.I.S.) was built on the pillars of security and centralized information. It covers the main functionalities of your processes including, but not limited to, Patient Admission, Floor Management, Departmental Transactions, Billing & Collection. The H.I.S. can also be complemented with important add-on modules that complete the range of features that will benefit your hospital.

Coverage & Price Lists


Floor / Residence

Laboratory & LAC

Radiology & RIS Scheduling

General Exams

Operations & OR Scheduling

Doctors Module

Pharmacy & General Stock




Medical Committee & Separated Doctor Fees

Official Reporting to Guarantors


Beds Plan Management

Patient Card



Workflow Module

General Archiving

Audit Module

Patient File Circulation

Insurance Web Portal

Admission Checklist

Vacation Management


Long Stay Module

Easy Schedule

PBX Telephone Invoicing

E-Billing to Public Coverage

E-Billing to Private Coverage

Doctors "My Account Web"

Laboratory Information System – L.I.S.

The L.I.S is a laboratory management software that helps users complete their various tasks for labs of all sizes. It is designed for multi-specialties laboratories. It assists medical labs in efficiently managing lab orders and tracking them, overseeing patient records and attaining results history. This solution helps users automate manual work, link to machines, as well as verify and secure results.

Our LAC manages all analyzers in the lab in an automated process with load balancing for better and safer performance.

Lab Exams Definition

Laboratory Analyzer Controller (LAC)

Load Balancing


Audit & Control Analyzers

Verification & Lock of Results

Critical Results Alert

Results History

Lab Web Portal


In addition to the administrative operations of hospitals & clinics, Milera provides medical solutions that streamline processes & save time. Patients files are now digital to improve collaboration and secure access to medical history, medications, charts & treatment plans.

Milera Clinical understands that patients are the center of care, their medical files are their identity, and the digital solution is the tool any healthcare team needs to treat them safely, fast & efficiently.

Electronic Medical Record

Patient Summary File

Full Patient Electronic Archiving

Patient & Doctors Web Portal

Blood Bank Management

OR Scheduling

Pre-Adminission Unit

Drugs Management & Administration

Patient Care Module

Scan Doctor Order Sheet

Isolation & Infection Control

External Clinics Management


Diet Management

PACS/RIS Interface


The purpose behind the Payroll/HR application is to help you efficiently manage your most valuable asset – your labor force. Controlling costs, improving productivity, evaluating performance, all becomes an easy task that will in turn benefit your business. Payroll/HR gives you access to all this information from a centralized source in order to generate necessary reports and take managerial decisions.

Full Payroll Computation

Pay slips & Payment Slips

Automated Bank Payments

Benefits & Deduction Management

Employee ID Card Printing

Company Work Rules

Attendance Management

Employees Schedule Management

Vacation Management

Official Reporting R3, R4, R5, R6, R10

CNSS Official Reports & Workers Register

End of Service Reports

HR Web Portal

Online Employment Management

Appraisal Management

Training Module

Personnel Allocation

Certificates & Attestations


The Financial Application offers a complete solution that will enable you to get rid of the manual processes and replace them with a reliable reporting and business analytical tool. The different modules combined with the integrated information source will help you have a clear strategic vision while saving significant amount of labor inputs and unnecessary errors

General Accounting

Multiple Companies Handling

VAT Management

Payments & Bank Reconciliation

Account Receivables/Payables

Cash Provision

Cost Center Management

Checks Module

Fixed Assets

Maintenance & Service Module

Profit & Loss Statements

Balance Sheet


Allow our Business Intelligence module to analyze your data and provide important information for you to take action. The solution gives you historical, current and predictive insight of your business operations to allow your executives and managers to see trends and make strategic business decisions. The Intelligence module goes beyond analyzing existing data. It has the power to predict possible consumer behavior through data mining.

Business Intelligence

Data Warehouse

Cubes Management

Cost Accounting

Infinite Reports

Fully Integrated with Reporting Tools


Full Security & Logging

Users & Group Privileges

Authorization to Special Operations

International Security Standards

Full Tracking of Users Access

Data Integrity Preservation

High Availability & Clustered Solution

Full Integration of Modules

Online Help & Training Manual

Periodical Update of System Versions

24/7 Support

Proactive Front-Line Support & Follow up

Onsite & Remote Customer Support

Comprehensive Initial Training

Continuous Training Environment

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