Mango Retail is an integrated solution which allows Supermarkets & Minimarkets of any size to optimize cost, enhance customer experience and automate business processes. 980 POS are currently running our Software. Its features include front-end and back-end operations in order to provide you with a complete solution to your business needs. Mango is offered as a basic pack which can be complemented with add-on modules that will further improve your digital experience.

POS Module

Privilege Card (Points/Cashback)

Multiple Registers

Concurrent Sessions

Multiple Payment Processing

Refunds Control

Discounts Control

Operation Control

Stand-Alone & Connected Operations

Back Office

Mango Back Office streamlines operations, increases data accuracy, transforms your operations, and raises service levels. Its consolidated and centralized data centers allows you to see the BIG picture. It is the backbone of Mango POS that controls and runs all operations.

Back Office Management


Supplier Contract

Barcode Management

Pricing Management

Consolidation Module

Prepaid Account Management

Scales Connection Module

Physical Count

Warehouse Receiving


Delivery Module

Show Price Module

Space Renting

Restaurants / Café Management

Digital Signage

Mango Digital Signage is a solution that assists your business with content management and customer targeting. It helps increase customers engagement and exposure. Manage your ads by editing images, content, graphics, and videos yourself.

Interactive Display

Advertising Tool

Display Images, Videos, Graphics, etc.

Increase Customer Exposure

Easy to manage

Enhance Audience Experience


The purpose behind the Payroll/HR application is to help you efficiently manage your most valuable asset – your labor force. Controlling costs, improving productivity, evaluating performance, all becomes an easy task that will in turn benefit your business. Payroll/HR gives you access to all this information from a centralized source in order to generate necessary reports and take managerial decisions.

Full Payroll Computation

Pay slips & Payment Slips

Automated Bank Payments

Benefits & Deduction Management

Employee ID Card Printing

Company Work Rules

Attendance Management

Employees Schedule Management

Vacation Management

Official Reporting R3, R4, R5, R6, R10

CNSS Official Reports & Workers Register

End of Service Reports

HR Web Portal

Online Employment Management

Appraisal Management

Training Module

Personnel Allocation

Certificates & Attestations


The Financial Application offers a complete solution that will enable you to get rid of the manual processes and replace them with a reliable reporting and business analytical tool. The different modules combined with the integrated information source will help you have a clear strategic vision while saving significant amount of labor inputs and unnecessary errors

General Accounting

Multiple Companies Handling

VAT Management

Payments & Bank Reconciliation

Account Receivables/Payables

Cash Provision

Cost Center Management

Checks Module

Fixed Assets

Maintenance & Service Module

Profit & Loss Statements

Balance Sheet


Allow our Business Intelligence module to analyze your data and provide important information for you to take action. The solution gives you historical, current and predictive insight of your business operations to allow your executives and managers to see trends and make strategic business decisions. The Intelligence module goes beyond analyzing existing data. It has the power to predict possible consumer behavior through data mining.

Business Intelligence

Data Warehouse

Cubes Management

Cost Accounting

Infinite Reports

Fully Integrated with Reporting Tools


Full Security & Logging

Users & Group Privileges

Authorization to Special Operations

International Security Standards

Full Tracking of Users Access

Data Integrity Preservation

High Availability & Clustered Solution

Full Integration of Modules

Online Help & Training Manual

Periodical Update of System Versions

24/7 Support

Proactive Front-Line Support & Follow up

Onsite & Remote Customer Support

Comprehensive Initial Training

Continuous Training Environment

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